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Taste of Training Endorsements

A Taste of Training (Lunch ‘n Learn) event is a way to experience the training content and the trainer’s delivery-style to be sure they are a good fit for your organization. To learn more about these opportunities and how you can attend or bring one to your organization, fill out our contact form. With the Global Protocol Academy’s philosophy and each trainer’s guidance, participants build self-confidence, become better leaders, and cultivate lasting relationships.

The following business leaders below share their support:

Trainee Testimonials

Trainee (or Participant) feedback is critical to the success of any program. It tells us where the training is strong, what areas need to be enhanced, and how we can further develop the training to meet the needs of an ever-changing business community.

Jacqueline Heyden

Global Protocol Academy Facilitator Training Program was a worthy and valuable investment, both professionally and personally. Gloria Petersen is energy personified; she is a guru of professional protocol and dining etiquette! Training sessions are packed with the most current information and newly accepted trends, as well as their historical evolution. From learning how to properly and confidently “work” a room at networking events and planning successful business and social events, to how to recognize table settings and choose the right utensils for each course, Gloria covers it all and makes it easy for her trainees to take it all with them by providing easy-to-follow guidebooks, slideshows, and handout materials. In this environment of increasingly individualistic societies, this training is a must for those who wish to bring a higher level of consideration and decorum to our world.

Meredith Shake

This training is not just about principles; nor is it just about rules. The training takes a principles with rules approach combined with a “town hall” attitude.

Veronica Shake

This training will help me develop a stronger sense of confidence in my personal social life and my professional career as a medical professional.

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