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Achieve Subject Matter Expert (SME) Status
Professional Image and
Interpersonal Skills Syllabus 


2021  Open Enrollment Training Date
October 17th to 23rd
Training is also offered on-site at corporate training facilities



An expert is a person who has been trained in a special skill or knowledge base.
A SME (Subject Matter Expert) is a specialist in a chosen subject matter.
We invite you to join of team of SMEs.



As a facilitator “trainee” you will learn to facilitate the delivery of the learning materials. Our targeted subject matter expert (SME) approach creates the foundation and framework to develop your knowledge base, ensuing your ability to impart the information to your team.


confusedWhat’s the difference between hard skills and soft skills?

  • Hard skills (e.g., technical knowledge and use of IT programs’ robotics installation) are needed for job qualification. Once you learn hard skills, you are responsible for keeping them updated.
  • Soft skills (e.g., building relationships with coworkers, being able to communicate effectively with all levels within an organization) are needed for effective communication. You need to refine and develop them as your career evolves.
  • It takes both! When you combine hard skills with soft skills you increase your value to employers.



According to a recent WSJ article, “Forty-nine percent of all terminations are attributed to deficient soft skills, which by a factor of 2x, is the number one reason workers are fired.” Our training is all about developing these soft skills so you can coach your team and build a better functioning workforce to meet new challenges and expectations.


The comprehensive Global Protocol Academy curriculum is based on over 30 years of experience, training, research and insight. Our team of experts was chosen from corporate, financial, and educational institutions, as well as start-up entrepreneurs, to further add support and relevance to our training modules by addressing new issues in the workforce as highlighted in our websites and blogs.



benefits - CopyOur professional image and soft skills training will …

  • enhance your first impression image (appearance and body language),
  • heighten your domestic and international interactions, and
  • offer strategies in handling challenging situations with diplomacy and civility.

Most importantly, you will teach others how to achieve their goals with more self-assurance, internal power, and fresh insights by staying relevant and current.


youchoose-for-web - CopyTraining options:

  • Train at our Phoenix,AZ, facility
  • Train at your facility (on-site at your convenience)
  • Train on your own (self-study version for experienced trainers)


You can attend the full six-day curriculum or arrange for a private session in your preferred subject matter within your timetable. As an added benefit, our modules can easily be incorporated into existing corporate training or classroom curriculum.

RTB Final LogoMission Statement

It is our mission to address current needs, set standards for new and emerging issues, and serve as a resource to individuals, corporations, educators, and the media. As a trainee, you will be part of this process.


Integrate SME Training into Your Coursework or Corporate Training.
Join Us and Make a Difference in the Lives You Touch!

Calendar-selection-week-icon2021 SME Licensed Coursework Schedule
Sunday Reception and Overview
Monday to Friday Full-Day Training
Saturday Optional Review
Phoenix, Arizona

October 17th to  October 23rd


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