Instructional Design

 How the
Learning is Organized

The classroom training model
encourages interactions between trainers and trainees,
engages interactive exercises, and 
offers support tutorials.



Our instructional design formula outlines the module components and demonstrates how they interact with each. The “experiential and reinforced learning” format includes:

  • Guest speakers, who are selected and invited based on your stated goals, are part of the customization process for the training experience.
  • A mock networking activity that involves bringing outside people into the activity arena to enhance the participation.
  • A tutorial meal that encompasses working with catering staff on food selection, creating a time-line flow expectation, and overall logistics.




Pre-Class Study Guides

Study Guides I and  II are mailed to trainees one month before class.
Study Guide I:
Prepares trainee for Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Study Guide II:
Comprehensive Q&A with case studies covering professional presence, business etiquette and international protocol.


Facilitator Guidebook: Invaluable and Multipurpose!

Although specifically designed for the Global Protocol Academy, this guide can be used to enhance a wide range of (other) classroom training modules.


Coursework Manual

Coursework opens with a review of how the U.S. has evolved from George Washington’s original Rules of Civility to current trends and movements that influenced society and changed how we do business. 

This historical walk identifies communication styles with regard to gender differences, cultural influences, and age-related expectations. This is an important step to understanding how we got here and how we move forward in a culturally diverse society with a workforce of large age groups.

Then training progresses to the fundamentals of professional presence, business etiquette and protocol that provide the foundation of the training. These are the soft skills that encompass respect and dignity without fear or hesitation.


Facilitator Script


All the work is done for you in this step-by-step process! The facilitator script is located in the three-ring clear binder and has three columns:

Column #1:Learning icons that identify actions (e.g., lecture, Q&A, activity).
Column #2: Script text to guide the facilitator in the flow of the presentation.
Column #3: Slide show illustrations when needed to highlight points or offer visual examples to help keep you on point.


Slide Show flash drive (or DVD option)

Contains two versions of the slide show. (This allows the facilitator to control the timing.) Version #1: Slide show with discussion and activity prompts | Version #2: Slide show without discussion and activity prompts.


Facilitator Activities and Visuals

The activities are designed to build confidence, reinforce lessons, and to help move the knowledge from short term memory to long term memory. This guide also allows the facilitator/trainer to practice the activities and discussions before working with the script. The facilitator is encouraged to add their own personality “spin” to the training.

Section I: Contains descriptions of every interactive component and discussion point posted in the facilitator script.

Section II: A copy of each slide to allow the facilitator to make personal notes in the use of each slide and to personalize with their industry terminology and specific workforce goals.


Participant Textbook and Workbook


The class textbooks are published works. Your class materials include the soft cover and eBook versions. A copy of each edition accompanies your training materials. For details about each edition visit

The class workbook provides note taking space, question/answer discussions, with references to class textbook pages for additional information on a topic. You will receive a “reprint with permission” Word document that allows you to separate the sections to customize your teaching format and timeline.


Career Development/Business Builders

Your training closes with an opportunity to experience your new skills and expand on your knowledge. You will receive the following:

Part 1: Seminar leader/facilitator presentation tips.

Part 2: How to customize and create your signature program.

Part 3: Business builder tips and ideas.


Certificate of Attainment

Upon successful completion of the training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment. 




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