SME Syllabus

LEARN how to build your value
MASTER new concepts

Then TEACH others

 Next Training Date:
October 17 to October 23, 2021




This training can be easily adapted to any position (up and down the organizational chart) where social skills and procedure are paramount, and where the need to build brand awareness is critical. You will take with you the foundation and framework to better prepare individuals for leadership and customer service roles. Your personality, experiences and expertise will provide the balance.


SMETraining1Your syllabus: (This is a licensed product.)

  • Overview of Module Components
  • How to Deliver the Activities and Manage the Discussions
  • Learning the Content and Utilizing the Script
  • Instructions on Creating a Timeline and Customizing Segments of the Training
  • Historical Overview of Business Attire, Etiquette and Protocol
  • How to Use “The Art of Professional Connections” SME Module Components
  • Final Summary and Review of Training
  • Trainee Delivery of Assignment for Practice and Discussion
  • Presentation Skill Tips and On-going Learning Resources
  • Q&A Closing Summary and Review
  • Certificates of Attainment


Classroom Dynamics:

Hands on instruction enables you to train others on professional image, business etiquette and protocol. This is a critical element in helping all generations of leaders to be. We accomplish this by utilizing …

  • Small class size to maximize one-on-one learning.
  • Experiential learning that includes visual, auditory, tactile-kinesthetic, and tutorial tools.
  • Self-discovery on how to turn challenges into opportunities. A very important ability when faced with adversity!



Whether preparing new graduates or updating your best practices training, our curriculum takes the soft skills of your students and/or staff to a higher professional level.

  • They will present an authoritative image.
  • They will acquire exceptional communication abilities.
  • They will exemplify excellent leadership skills.



The Knowledge You Gain Attending Our
Six Day Curriculum is Indispensable.



Calendar-selection-week-icon2021 SME Licensed Coursework Schedule
Sunday Reception and Overview
Monday to Friday Full-Day Training
Saturday Optional Review
Phoenix, Arizona

October 17th to  October 23rd


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