Professional Development Seminars

Our professional development offerings range from a Taste of Training, which allows you to decide if the training is adaptable for you (or your trainers) in a sneak preview format, to onsite company sponsored seminars and workshops.



Let’s customize to meet YOUR needs.

Still not sure the full curriculum of training is for you or your company? Or perhaps you want just a segment of the curriculum without going through an entire week of SME training (e.g., the dining etiquette tutorial). Not a problem. Schedule a virtual consultation or in-person demonstration.

Just let us know what aspects of the curriculum you are interested in pursuing, and we will customize a program that meets your needs in a half-day, full day, or seminar series format.


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The following are three of our most popular seminars and workshops.
Perfect for new hire orientations, staff updates or conference breakout sessions!
Just tell us what you need, and we will customize to fit that need.

How to Acquire a Powerful Image & Impressive Interaction Skills

Developing a powerful image and possessing an impressive interaction skill set is like constructing a house.

Start with a solid foundation and finish with an indestructible structure so the house can withstand an unexpected event.  Do the same with your image and then take your interaction skills to a higher level!

You will learn the components of a commanding presence, and how to greet and interact in a confident manner by banishing feelings of awkwardness.

How to Mix, Mingle, and Network Like a Pro

How often have you walked into a networking event and quickly felt awkward?

Before you can effectively network, you must learn how to mix and mingle with ease.  And before you can mingle you need to overcome any perceived barriers or discomfort.

To complicate things further… just how good are you at handling a beverage, a plate of hors d’oeuvres and handshake all at the same time?

All you need is a three-step strategy!  You learn by doing.

How to Master the Art of (Global) Dining Meetings

Master the social side of business by experiencing all the elements necessary to orchestrate a successful business meal.

Experience everything from selecting the restaurant and ordering from the menu to handling a complicated place setting (both domestic and international) and paying the check.

This seminar focuses on every aspect of dining from coffee cafes and business (or interview) lunches to formal celebration dinners.  Experience the learning with a tutorial meal.

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