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Become A Subject Matter Expert


Our classroom training model encourages interactions between trainers and trainees, engages in interactive exercises, and offers support tutorials.


We support hands-on (in-person) instruction over virtual because it enables you to experience the learning. This is an essential element when retaining what was learned. When hands-on is not an option for an instructor or topic, virtual is added in a blended learning format.




 • The training incorporates a self-discovery element on how to turn challenges into opportunities. A critical ability when faced with adversity!

• Experiential and reinforced learning utilizes visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tutorial tools.





Our instructional design formula outlines the module components and demonstrates how they interact with each other.

This training can be easily adapted to any position (up and down the organizational chart) where social skills and procedures are paramount. You will take the foundation and framework to better prepare individuals for leadership and customer service roles. Your personality, experiences, and expertise will provide the balance. The training will . . .

• Help you and your team (or students) adapt to an ever-changing, diverse workplace.

• Serve as a perfect orientation module for new hires and staff updates.

• Give you access to the latest training and support on demand. Our Advice Line℠ is a part of our open-door policy to help you address challenging situations as they occur or to brainstorm your new ideas.

• Encourage you to expand your expertise by providing retreats and webinars to stay relevant and current. The learning never ends and helps you enhance the expertise of others.

Whether preparing new graduates or updating your best practices training, our curriculum takes the soft skills of your students and staff to a higher professional level.

• They will present an authoritative image.

• They will acquire exceptional communication abilities.

• They will exemplify excellent leadership skills.

The knowledge gained is indispensable!

Most importantly, you will teach others how to achieve their goals with more new skills, confidence, and fresh insights.

Instruct by Telling
Practice by Doing

How the Learning is Organized

Trainees have an opportunity to socialize prior to training. The training opens with an introduction of trainees, a sharing of backgrounds, and training goals over tea/coffee, finger sandwiches, petite pastries, and/or sweets in a Power Tea environment.

Class Format:

Global Protocol Academy’s SME training program for creating a more professional workplace offers a comprehensive and structured approach to developing essential skills and knowledge. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from our training:

Introduction to Training: You’ll start with an overview of the training format and module components. This sets the stage for what to expect during the training program.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our training covers various topics about creating a more professional workplace, including communication skills, etiquette, cultural sensitivity, and more. We provide a holistic learning experience to address all aspects of professionalism.

Playbook Script Utilization: You’ll learn how to use our playbook script effectively to facilitate learning and understanding of the content. This script acts as a guide to ensure consistency and clarity in training delivery.

Activity Management and Discussion Facilitation: We provide instructions on delivering activities and managing discussions, fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Timeline Creation and Customization: You’ll receive guidance on creating a timeline for the training and customizing segments to align with your company’s or client’s specific needs and goals.

Historical Overview: We offer a historical perspective on business attire, etiquette, and protocol, providing context and understanding of how these aspects have evolved.

Master Guide and Module Components: You’ll be introduced to our “Professional Presence, Business/Culture Etiquette, and International Protocol” MASTER GUIDE and “The Art of Professional Connections” SME module components. These resources serve as comprehensive references for the training content.

Summary and Review: At various points in the training, there will be summary and review sessions to consolidate the key takeaways and ensure understanding.

Trainee Topic Selection: Trainees can select a topic for practice and critique, allowing them to apply what they’ve learned in a practical setting.

Presentation Skills: You’ll receive tips and guidance on improving presentation skills, a critical component of professionalism in the workplace.

Ongoing Learning Resources: We provide information on ongoing learning resources and retreats to support continuous professional development and keep the learning relevant and current.

Q&A Closing Summary and Review: A dedicated Q&A session ensures that any remaining questions or concerns are addressed before the training concludes.

Certificates of Attainment: Upon completing the training program, participants will receive certificates of attainment, recognizing their commitment to enhancing their professional skills.

Global Protocol Academy’s SME training program empowers individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to create a more professional workplace. Our emphasis on customization, interactive learning, and ongoing support ensures that the training is informative, practical, and adaptable to your unique needs.

Small Class Size

Our Subject Matter Expert training is limited to a small classroom size to ensure one-on-one experience and offsite learning opportunities. The past pandemic inspired a hybrid training model which is engaged when the technology is available.


Pre-Class “Warm Up” Study Guides

We want you to come to class mentally prepared and excited.

A study guide will be mailed before your training and is a great way to learn what you do and don’t know! Plus, the questions and exercises offer great insights into the learning. The study guide questions will serve as your knowledge foundation and framework and will be sent before the training.

Facilitator Guidebook … “Invaluable and Multipurpose!”

Although specifically designed for the Global Protocol Academy, this guide can be used to enhance a wide range of (other) classroom training modules. For example:

• Preparing for Your Role as Facilitator or Trainer

• Preparing for the Participants from Room Setup to Classroom Dynamics

• Preparing for the Presentation Delivery

• Utilizing the Playbook Script and Engaging Interactive Activities

• Preparing Timeline Worksheet Templates

The SME module guidebook will take the following three-part approach to the training:

Before Training: Create the Environment and Set the Mood

During Training
: Deliver Content and Engage Participants

After Training
: Debrief and Follow-Up

A variety of training tools to illustrate points, practice skill sets, and offer silent reflections are introduced, along with a matrix to help determine the best approach that coincides with your time frame training model.

Coursework Manual

This book-size manual is all-encompassing and is invaluable for developing a commanding image, delivering confident interpersonal skills, and projecting an international persona that effectively crosses cultural barriers.

This manual is broken down into three parts:

     Part I: Professional Presence and Perception Management

     Part II: Business/Cultural Etiquette and Protocol

     Part III: Corporate and International Protocol

Collaborating with clients or staff encourages you to develop binders that serve as your history and “what worked; what didn’t work” resource. This is invaluable for future training opportunities.

Your coursework manual serves as the foundation for the subsequent playlist script modules.

Playlist Script Modules

All the work is done for you in this step-by-step process! The script utilizes learning icons that identify actions and visuals that keep the content on point. The facilitator script is divided into four categories.

• Seven Steps to Developing a Powerful Image and Interaction Foundation

• Five Paths to Successful Networking

• Nine Secrets for Productive Meetings Over Meals

• Ten Ways to Make Your Business Events Extraordinary

Once you work with the script, you are encouraged to deviate from it and present the content in the best sequence for you and your team.

Facilitator Activities and Visuals

The activities build confidence, reinforce learning, and help move the knowledge gained from short-term to long-term memory. The trainee is encouraged to add their personality and spin to the activities and to be creative!

Participant Textbook and Workbook

Every effort is made to make the learning tangible! Having reference materials and taking notes does that. The class textbooks are published works in softcover and eBook formats. The workbook follows the script and provides note-taking space and question/answer discussion pages.

Click here for details on the textbook series.

Flash Drive

A flash drive contains copies of the facilitator guide, playlist script, and participant workbook.

The training concludes with a debrief and practice to reinforce the learning, followed by tips on designing customized classes with career development business builder guidelines. Then it’s graduation time!

BUILD your Image and Interpersonal Skills

MASTER new concepts

Then TEACH others