Day 2: Approach & Interact

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SME Training Module 1

Seven Steps to
Impressive Greetings and
Confident Interactions




Every Successful Business Relationship Starts with One Confident Interaction

Every individual and every team can improve on their face-to-face interactions.  Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions serves as a guide for creating powerful and lasting impressions. It will also suggest techniques that improve the quality of each interaction that will, in turn, make one more memorable in the eyes of the conversation partner. This is especially important for individuals that shy away from (or side-step) face-to-face encounters.  Therefore, coupling face-to-face with IT offers the best of both worlds. The seven areas of focus will serve as the foundation for the next three modules.


Seven Steps Take You In the Right Direction

  1. Determine how you want to be perceived, make a professional impact with your appearance, control your body language and read body language cues of others.
  2. M1 PhotoStripMaster the three primary ways to make an introduction. Get beyond awkward “what to do when” moments by understanding when and how honorifics (e.g., rank and titles) should be engaged.
  3. Learn techniques for remembering names. Handle challenging names and pronunciations and decipher unique name arrangements and accents.
  4. Be comfortable with the protocol of the business handshake. Identify the various types of handshakes and their meanings and know the components of a confident business handshake.
  5. Develop gratifying conversations by creating a conversation DNA. Understand the place for and purpose of small talk, eliminating distractions and overcoming sensitive situations.
  6. Create a business card that works for you. Develop the components of your card and know exactly when, where and how to offer your card.
  7. Make your departure as memorable as your greeting. Create a follow-up process that keeps a business interaction moving.


These are the seven steps needed for creating a commanding first impression and engaging in a dynamic interaction—each step is designed to build into the next.

Trainees will practice each step, then, at the close of the training combine and practice all seven steps.

In a business arena of casual dress codes and hi-tech communication, in-person communication becomes challenging especially at networking events. It’s about being prepared, creating the right conditions and the best atmosphere for solidifying relationships with clients, customers, prospects and employees.


This module sets the foundation for networking,
meeting over meals, and planning events.



2021 SME
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October 17th to  October 23rd

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