Day 5: Event Strategies

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Event Strategies for
Successful Business Entertaining




Hosting Events and Entertaining Customers are Integral to Business Success.

Being able to take charge and create and run an event sets you apart from many others. This training addresses the basics of organizing business events; everything from cultural events and sporting activities to educational conferences and trade shows. Learn what you need to know about staging, hosting, and participating in events. It will guide you step-by-step from the initial planning stages to the last and most important step afterwards ꟷ the debriefing. You will be comfortable being the host or being a guest, being a participant or a spectator.


Ten Ways to Make Your Business Events Extraordinary

  1. Understand the principles and strategies of business entertaining. Create an energizing social environment by setting goals, creating plans and assembling the right team to make your event memorable.
  2. Consider all the logistics and details to stage a successful event. From invitations, to decorations, to seating, to caterers; know all the protocols and expectations and avoid pitfalls.
  3. M4 Photo StripExtend and respond to a variety of invitations (postal, electronic, and in-person) with ease and unravel the “what to wear” dilemma.
  4. Master the responsibilities of being a host or guest. Know the guidelines for selecting a master of ceremony. Accommodate special needs guests appropriately.
  5. Cover rules, expectations and proper etiquette for attending cultural events and concerts, and introduce the finer points of home entertainment.
  6. Realize that corporate sporting events or retreats are for team building. There are principles that cover the dos and don’ts of being a participant or a spectator.
  7. Reinforce the notion that business parties and events are for socializing. There are expectations and specific protocols for everyone in attendance, from the CEO to employees and guests.
  8. Remind you that your main focus at a major conference or trade show is to represent your company, manage a successful booth, make the most of the event and still find time to relax and have fun safely.
  9. Provide guidelines on giving business gifts, reciprocating gifts and declining gifts. Above all, always show appreciation and make people feel special.
  10. Impress upon every participant the need to plan for every detail. Provide tried and tested checklists for smooth functions. Recognize the importance of evaluating each event afterward.

Trainees plan an event from selecting venue and engaging protocols to securing talent. They will learn how to handle each category of entertaining with confidence. Most importantly, they will learn how to create a checklist of all the important components of planning an event from logistics to the event agenda and the closing ceremony.


If you are working with a meeting professional, understanding their process makes it a win-win. You both save time! However, when the budget is too right (or event too small) to justify engaging a meeting professional, this training will guide you.


 You have now concluded your training.
It’s time to put this knowledge to test as you get
prepared to build your business.



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