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“The Art of Professional Connections” book series and subject matter expert (SME) training module companions are my legacy to youI have provided seminars and training covering professional image, etiquette, and protocol for over 30 years. During those years, I have never hesitated to engage the assistance of corporate executives and specialists in a wide range of industries to be sure that my material remains current, timely, and relevant!

My team and I take great pride in the uniqueness of our training format and modules. It is my personal goal to train our licensees to be better than myself, and to help everyone make a positive difference in our society. Plus, it’s personally inspiring to watch everyone succeed. We are a team.”  ...Gloria Petersen



About the Academy

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Gloria Petersen leads the training. She is accompanied by a team of experts selected for their talents, abilities, and experience to provide expertise on the subject matter. Created by Gloria Petersen, the training is based on ongoing seminar and training work with clients, ongoing research, and a wealth of personal experience.

This website is all about sharing her wealth of knowledge in Subject Matter Expert (SME) training.  You can learn more about Gloria’s career journey and how she overcame immense obstacles to keep her business thriving on her personal website. Company history and seminar offerings are available on the company website. Gloria’s books can be found on her author website.

Team of Experts and Content

The combined experience of a Team of Experts contributed immensely to the quality of the content. Fact checkers ensure their assigned areas of expertise are current, accurate, and complete. These individuals represent a wide range of industries (Fortune 100 to entrepreneurs). They are primarily past clients who have supported and experienced our programs, and they include individuals who are experts or specialists in their field (e.g., wine sommelier).

Facilitator Opportunity

Trainee’s name, photo, and a brief description will be posted on the Global Protocol® website to help market licensees, who are independent contractors. To remain an active licensed trainer, attendance at one retreat within a three-year period is required. When company founder, Gloria Petersen, presents one of her programs in your area, you will be invited to assist or observe. Thus, providing ways to present the material in a different style. Or, use it as a refresher opportunity. Interested trainees are also invited to represent the Global Protocol Brand as a paid facilitator when an opportunity arises.


SMEs who are training to be independent contractors are
encouraged to design and market their own company identity.
The Global Protocol® Academy materials provide you with knowledge and tools.


Calendar-selection-week-icon2021 SME Licensed Coursework Schedule
Sunday Reception and Overview
Monday to Friday Full-Day Training
Saturday Optional Review
Phoenix, Arizona

October 17th to  October 23rd


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