Day 3: Mingle & Network

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Success Strategies for
Networking in Person and Online




Networking is a Valuable Career Management Tool

Expanding your contacts gives you a valuable competitive edge. Knowing what steps to take and when to take them are vital to your networking success. This module identifies a wide range of mingling and networking options. It will address not only in-person interactions and provide success strategies for keeping contacts viable, but also emphasizes the importance of building an online presence with care to protect reputations. This training is a preparation tool to ensure successful interactions in a wide range of networking events and social gatherings.



Five paths to Create Your Person-to-Person and Online Networks.

  1. M2 Photo StripDetermine the social networking strategy that works for you. Make social prospecting comfortable and successful. Understand the value of being a people connector (the hub of a multi-spoke wheel).
  2. Demonstrate that confidence makes all the difference. Develop a plan for overcoming social barriers, dilemmas, shyness or faux pas. Interact with self-assuredness and be prepared by checking every detail.
  3. Set goals for your networking efforts and following your plan. Become familiar with the types and styles of networkers. Properly track, qualify and follow up on connections.
  4. Create a strategy with social media. Build your online presence. Engage prospects comfortably and protect reputations by creating a best practices guide.
  5. Know what it takes to start your own networking group or event. Motivate yourself to take action and learn from the pros in how they created their empires.

These strategies will utilize the seven steps covered in Module I. Additionally, offering tips on how to avoid sabotaging your networking efforts as you mingle your way to networking success.

Plus, you will learn three proven mingling strategies and how to juggle hors d’oeuvres, beverage and handshake in one smooth move.Trainees practice by participating in a mock networking reception with area business leaders.

Networking in-person and online is about broadening one’s contact base and reaching beyond traditional borders to connect. It’s about making yourself known in a positive way as you connect with others.


Now that you can handle networking and receptions,
the next stage of training addresses every aspect of
meal-related meetings.


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