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Licensees Trained in our “New” Playbook (script) Format
Category: Independent Contractors

Theresa Salameno (New Jersey)
Training Goal: To expand on her etiquette and protocol knowledge and include more interactive workshops to the programs already offered by her company. To transition from youth dining programs to corporate etiquette and protocol offerings. Education:  Brooklands College (Weybridge, Surrey, UK). Career/Background: UK trained chef with degree in Hotel & Catering Administration, Founder and Director of Manners Matter LLC.

testimonialI continue to be inspired by your training materials. I use your materials regularly because they are so relevant to the programs I offer as they are so on point. I am truly grateful I reached out to you and purchased your books and program.


Jacqueline M. Heyden (Chicago, IL)
Training Goal: Add innovative workshops on personal enhancement and professionalism to her current consulting practice and expand on her expertise for the hospitality industry. Present seminars. Build confidence through mastering the five styles of (cultural) dining decorum, primarily focused on the catering/restaurant industry. Facilitating development of a higher caliber service staff, thus reducing turnover.  Education: Graduate of Northeastern Illinois University with a B.S. in Business Management. Career/Background: Administrative/Human Resource Manager at Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Northbrook, IL. 

testimonialGlobal Protocol Academy Facilitator Training Program was a worthy and valuable investment, both professionally and personally. Gloria Petersen is energy personified; she is a guru of professional protocol and dining etiquette! Training sessions are packed with the most current information and newly-accepted trends, as well as their historical evolution. From learning how to properly and confidently “work” a room at networking events and planning successful business and social events, to how to recognize table settings and choose the right utensils for each course, Gloria covers it all and makes it easy for her trainees to take it all with them by providing easy-to-follow guidebooks, slideshows and handout materials. In this environment of increasingly individualistic societies, this training is a must for those who wish to bring a higher level of consideration and decorum to our world.


Meredith Shake Burrows (Spotsylvania, VA)
Training Goal: Introduce new workshops on personal enhancement and professionalism to her signature line of government work at the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Incorporate the skill sets acquired into a non-profit organizational training program that helps women and youth overcome trauma and build resilience (despite conflict) beginning with the DC area as a co-op effort with Veronica Shake. Career/Background: Middle East Specialist, United States Department of Defense.

testimonialThis training is not just about principles; nor is it just about rules. The training takes a principles with rules approach combined with a “town hall” attitude.


Veronica Shake (Pasadena, CA)
Training Goal: Introduce new workshops on personal enhancement and professionalism through her current position in the medical industry. Incorporate the skill sets acquired into a non-profit organizational training program that helps women and youth overcome trauma and build resilience (despite conflict) beginning with the DC area as a co-op effort with Meredith Shake-Burrows. Career/Background: Nursing.


Licensees Trained in our Original Curriculum
Category: Corporate

sany0119-copyANGORA PROPERTIES | Patricia Andreu,  Corporate Coordinator and Liaison (Caguas, Puerto Rico)
Training Goal: Self-improvement; to polish my performance in the business environment and feel more comfortable in social interactions that are essential in my job. Use training to better prepare new hires for hospitality industry careers. Education: Bachelor degree of Arts and Sciences, LYNN University.


joanne506-copyST. VINCENT ELECTRICITY SERVICE, LTD | Joanne Richards, Executive Assistant to CEO (Kingstown, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, West Indies)
Training Goal: Learn skills that promote the company image and enhancement of my social skills.  Organize meetings and host overseas delegates and improve general etiquette. Education: BSc in Accounting; Diploma in business administration; Certificate in Secretarial Studies.

karinaTOYOTA MOTOR SALES | Karin Accomando, Education & Development (Plano, TX)
Training Goal: Add training elements to “The Toyota Way” Best Practices Curriculum. Prepare new hires for worldwide Toyota positions. Education: MBA, Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management. BA, University of California.

Category: Institutions (Education and Ministry)

lynne2ELMIRA COLLEGE | Lynne Diamond-Nigh, Ph.D. (Asheville, NC)
Training Goal: Incorporate academic-level business etiquette and protocol. Coursework on etiquette, protocol, and civility. Education: Ph.D. Elmira College. Career/Background: Retired Professor, Elmira College (Multilingual: French and Spanish)

testimonialTaking Gloria’s course truly changed my life. My paternal grandmother taught me about etiquette when I was very young. My interest in etiquette has remained high. The course itself covered a vast amount of material, but what is just as impressive is the collection of Gloria’s ideas. Personally, I found that after the course I was able to mix and mingle in situations where previously my shyness would have made it extremely uncomfortable. I am now much more extroverted and willing—even eager—to find new groups and organizations with which I can connect. Gloria herself is a delight to be with: congenial, amusing, knowledgeable and extraordinarily organized. I cannot say how grateful I am for this experience.


angelaTHE RIVERSIDE CHURCH | Angela Gregory, Pastoral Events Coordinator (New York, NY)
Training Goal: Provide etiquette and protocol workshops for personnel to be able to interact with high level dignitaries. Create a business etiquette program that can be marketed to June graduates in preparation for their first job interviews.

testimonialMy protocol work at Riverside Church of NY has included receiving of such dignitaries as HRH King Abdullah of Jordan, Former Secretary General Kofi Annan, his Holiness the Dalai Lama, various Senators, Congressmen, Labor Leaders, and celebrities. My position also includes coordinating the logistics for ecumenical worship events, something that Riverside Church is quite famous for. Gloria’s training adds more confidence to what I accomplish at Riverside.


micheleTHE RIVERSIDE CHURCH | Michele Ivey (New York, NY)
Training Goal: Add training to her multicultural experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry and leverage human differences into core assets.  Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree. Over twenty years of multicultural experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Career/Background: Served as a corporate trainer, docent, linguist, dialect coach, distinguished artist, diplomatic liaison, and image consultant. (Multilingual: fluent in six languages), Note: Training originated with The Riverside Church. Currently operates as an independent contractor.

testimonialThe Global Protocol training adds more dimensions to my years of multicultural experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Committed to domestic and global diversity … to innovate, improve, empower, transform, and promote protocol and etiquette …  I will add this knowledge to my work throughout the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Korea, Europe, and Australia.


Category: Independent Contractors

1-pamelaPamela Carlston (Carefree, AZ)
Training Goal: Personal Professional Enhancement.  Provide personal coaching to sports teams, events and groups. Education: Saint Mary’s College (paralegal degree). Career/Background: Licensed Real Estate Associate.

testimonialThe focus of my company, Savior Faire Consulting, is to enhance my professionalism through knowledge and personal attention to detail. I now have the training that I needed to accomplish this goal.


Tranda Covington (Schaumburg, IL)
Training Goal: Enrich others with personal assets and skills that they can use for a lifetime. Continue work as founder of a program targeted towards teenage girls dealing with self-esteem, social etiquette, presentation skills, and business etiquette uncertainties. Education: MBA in Marketing and E-commerce, Loyola University. Project Management Certificate, George Washington University. Career/Background: Business Process Assurance Program Manager, Motorola; Consultant for Motorola Mobility. (Multilingual: Spanish)

testimonialThe Global Protocol certification program prepares you to present etiquette techniques, whether it is in a college setting or in a corporate setting. My clients cannot believe that I had only been presenting etiquette classes for a few months due to my knowledge of the industry. Gloria is not just a professor but she is also an excellent mentor in the industry. She has been a wealth of knowledge and a great resource in building my business.


lisajLisa James (Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)
Training Goal: Provide corporate training, image consulting, and executive coaching to clientele throughout the Caribbean. Education: B.A. degree in Sociology, Psychology, and Linguistics from the University of the West Indies. MSc. degree in Organizational Transformation & Leadership. Certified User of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Career/Background: Management Consultant offering corporate training and coaching in image management, etiquette and protocol, human resource management, organization development, and quality management.

testimonial“Chock-full of information” is how I would best describe this wonderful program. In addition to the wealth of materials shared during the course, Gloria is the consummate facilitator and is extremely generous with regard to imparting from her fund of knowledge, tools and resources. I’ve certainly been enriched by the entire experience and recommend it without reservation to other professionals. I must say that I feel extremely privileged as a Global Protocol trainee to have you keep on maximizing the return on our investment in your course. In some respects, this relationship feels like “the gift that keeps on giving.” Thanks again for demonstrating such commitment to your trainees.


Stephanie Malveaux Jones (San Francisco, CA)
Training Goal: Add professional presence, business etiquette and international protocol to her current career as an IT professional. Empower inner-city women and mentor youth through image consulting, career coaching, and social graces. Education: Doctorate, Walden University. MBA, Organizational Change and Development, Regent University. Career/Background: Global Sourcing Manager, Stryker. Procurement Professional with Hewlett-Packard.

testimonialIt has been such a pleasure spending time training with you. My appreciation goes beyond what I can express in words. Your passion for this industry is contagious, and I hope to deliver with the same focus and intent that you present. Thank you for providing a new beginning to making a positive and healthy impact on society.


Lynette J. Otto (Indianapolis, IN)
Training Goal: To use her expert status to develop custom programs for new board members and executives. Works directly with the Board of Managers and Executives of United States companies. Education: M. A. Leadership Development, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. B. A. Applied Sociology, Lewis University. Alumnus of Kellogg Management Institute, Northwestern University.  Career/Background: Research driven Compliance Analyst Specialist.

testimonialMy first inspiration to take the Global Protocol training came while preparing board meetings in the U.S., The Netherlands and France for Navigation Technology an Illinois based company. Protocol, etiquette and professional presence are so important in Europe and different from what I had experienced in the U.S. While at Orbitz, I worked with very influential executives from the airline industry. These individuals had very specific expectations regarding seating arrangements, menus, dress, and general atmosphere for the dinners and meetings held for the board. My position at Ygomi LLC strengthened my desire to learn as much as possible and to be able to teach others. My Global Protocol training now allows me to train new executives in my current employment situation and refine my skills to teach as an independent contractor.


patriciaq-2005Patricia Quintal (Red Bluff, CA)
Training Goal: To help train new ministers and missionaries in seminaries and Bible Colleges in etiquette and protocol. To instruct business professionals in international protocol and business etiquette. Also, to provide etiquette training for the disabled population as well as others in the field of medicine. Education: Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy. Career/Background: Private school teacher. Also, worked in hospitality industry, and fashion industry.


simiSimi Ranajee, Ph.D. (Sarasota, FL)
Training Goal: Provide professional presence, business etiquette, and protocol programs to educational institutions and corporations.  Enhance current position in health care industry. Education: Ph.D. Commonwealth University. Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Finance, University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. Masters of Arts degree in Business Administration, Loyola University. Licensed Finishing School Instructor. Career/Background: Senior Vice President, Health Strategy and Communications. Barbizon Modeling School. Former Miss India Worldwide (1990).

testimonialAs a licensed finishing school instructor by the Illinois Board of Education through Barbizon Modeling School and being the first Miss India Worldwide in 1990, my Global Protocol training gives me the certification needed to enhance my current profession and pursue a career as a business etiquette and protocol consultant.


judithrJudith Rasband (Provo, Utah)
Training Goal: Add business etiquette and protocol to current curriculum at Conselle Institute of Image Management. Enhance Conselle’s dining etiquette program. Education: MS degree in the artistic, social, and psychological aspects of dress and image. Career/Background: Director of the Conselle Institute of Image Management.

testimonialI often received requests for etiquette and protocol training (especially dining etiquette). The Global Protocol training has helped me add another dimension to my class offerings.


Jackie Sanborn (Fullerton, California)
Training Goal: Develop business etiquette and protocol curriculum for Fullerton College and the community. Provide social skills training for youth. Education: BA degree California State University. Career/Background: Adjunct faculty member, Fullerton College.

testimonialI could write pages on what I learned from you, and have! I loved walking in each morning to a new session. They were always interesting, motivating, inspiring, but most of all, you made them fun. I appreciated that you were organized and ready to go, and your smile never faltered. You made the entire experience positive and your enthusiasm was contagious. I couldn’t wait to get back and start putting what I’d learned into action. It’s been a win-win for everyone. You’re the best and tops in your field.


joy-1203Dr. Suh, Myung Sun-Joy (Seoul, South Korea)
Training Goal: Adapt training for Service Industry Instruction (hotel, airline, convention center organization, leadership and relationship, etc.).  Write a textbook on Service Manners. Education: Ph.D. Tamna University. Career/Background: Consultant for Human Resource Management and Development for small and medium size enterprises. Professor at Tamna University, Department of Tourism (South Korea). Company name: Image Management Consulting (CI-PI-CS-HR).

testimonialTaking part in your Certification Program has been a wonderful opportunity to improve my business communication skills. The contents of your course are extremely useful and easily adaptable to real business settings. I find your protocol and etiquette materials a step ahead of the competition in both content and focus, and I plan to share what I’ve learned and help others enjoy a prosperous and successful career.


Dr. Anna Muy-Hour Tea (Hong Kong and Singapore, China)
Training Goal: Target Asian professionals that have little or no experience with western culture.  To leverage my cross-cultural background and industry experience by adding an American element to complete my diverse background and experience. Education: Ph.D., Vienna University of Economics and Business, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Master in Economics. Career/Background: Deputy Executive Director, Hong Kong German Chamber of Commerce. Consultant, Accenture.


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