We take every opportunity to serve on educational panels. The following Globinar Links are a collaborative effort with Global Chamber and serves as an example of how the training material is kept up to date through interactions with global experts around the world.

Tips on Cross Cultural Issues in Business

Cross-Cultural Communication has many parts. From an interpersonal communication perspective, it involves an understanding of how people from different cultures speak, communicate and perceive the world around them. If communication style differences are not respected, cultural issues intervene. This webinar panel prepares you for every turn.

(1) Doug Bruhnke, Moderator, Founder/President of Global Chamber (2) LeLani Craig, President/CEO, CommGap (3) Todd Cornell, CEO, Culture668 & Executive Director, Global Chamber Northern Colorado (4) Gloria Petersen, Founder/President, Global Protocol Academy

Cross Border Sales Tips

Are you selling products or services across metros and borders? Do you have a new product and service that can be sold globally? Are you open to expanding sales to new regions? Do you find yourself busier than ever, with hardly any time to be effective? Are you looking for ways to sell more in less time? If you answered ‘yes” to any of these questions, this webinar offers tips on selling products and services across metros and borders.


(1) Doug Bruhnke, Moderator, Founder/President of Global Chamber, (2) Melissa Sanderson, VP of International Affairs at Freeport McMoRan, (3) Nick Stanton, Sr. Vice President Business Development at Safeguard World Int’l, (4) Val Macias, CEO/founder at Val-Ma Enterprises, (5) Ned Donkle, US Director of Enterprise Solutions at AFEX, (6) Gloria Petersen, Founder/President, Global Protocol Academy

Hosting International Visitors to Your Business

This webinar prepares you to hosting international visitors to your business. Experts in protocol gather to share tips on everything from how to set up the visit, how to impress your visitors when they’re there and how-to follow-up. This is an important event for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, EVPs of finance, sales & marketing companies doing business across metros and borders.


(1) Doug Bruhnke, Moderator, Founder/President of Global Chamber, (2) Melissa Werner, Director in the Office of University Events and Protocol, ASU, (3) Mark Jackson, Honorary Consul General of Japan, (4) De Alva Ward, Hopi/Paiute Shaman and Spiritual Teacher (Native American Precedence), (5) Gloria Petersen, CPP, Founder/President, Global Protocol Academy

International Travel for Business

This webinar prepares you for international travel by having a clear understanding of customs across the borders, safety measures you need to employ, and the importance of instilling security precautions.


(1) Doug Bruhnke, Moderator, founder/President of Global Chamber, (2) Gloria Petersen, Founder/President of Global Protocol Academy, (3) Roger Hurni, Chief Creative Officer at Off Madison Avenue, (4) Debora Rocha, Regional Security Manager at International SOS, Brazil (5) Rick Buss, Executive Officer, Global Business Expansion at City of Peoria, AZ

Cross-Cultural Communication in Global Business

“Cross-Cultural Communication in Global Business” features speakers from around the world and sponsored by GlobalChamber.org. The virtual presentation has a special focus on diplomacy and how employers can be more sensitive or helpful when language is an issue within their bilingual employees.


(1) Bruno Herrmann – Digital Globalization and Localization Director, The Nielsen Company, (2) Cyle Adair, Director of Business Development at InWhatLanguage, (3) Micah Bellieu, CEO and Founder at Fluency Corp.,(4) Gloria Petersen, CPP, Founder at Global Protocol Academy, (5) Tatiana Shcherbinina, Founder at Ruspan Communications, (6) Pilar Camargo President/CEO at Mile High Multilingual Services (MHMS)

Culture Clash! Doing Bussiness Abroad Without Faux Pas

In international business, first impressions are often the only chance professionals have to impress a business contact. When it comes to avoiding a faux pas, building trust, and creating business opportunities with a foreign partner, knowledge of customs and cultural differences concerning business attire, facial expressions, body language, and eye contact can be what makes or breaks a deal. Our speakers will discuss how business practices, such as negotiations, greetings, and meetings, differ between cultures and companies through their own personal experiences of having done business around the world.


(1) Doug Bruhnke, Welcome, founder/President Global Chamber, (2) Korina Smith, Moderator, (3) Sergio Cecutta, SMG Consulting, (4) Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, Director & Author, Cross Cultural Consulting, (5) Gloria Petersen, founder/President Global Protocol Academy

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