Coursework Guidebook to “Professional Presence, Business/Cultural Etiquette and International Protocol”

Serves as the foundation for the overall training by opening with historical events that encouraged change. It will take you from the role of perception in bonding relationships and gaining a better understanding of generational expectations, gender differences, and culture-related influences to the important role diplomacy, civility, and deference play in domestic and international business circles.

“The Art of Professional Connections”

Four-book series serves as an addendum to the training modules. This timeless series utilizes the expertise of corporate executives and industry experts to ensure that trainees receive the best available information.  Most importantly, this whole series is about being prepared, about creating the right conditions and the best atmosphere for solidifying relationships with clients, customers, prospects, and employees. The book series is also available at in soft cover and eBook formats.

Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions

is a guide to establishing and managing relationships by acquiring the presence and developing the interpersonal skills needed to advance in a competitive business environment. This title focuses particularly on the realm of approaching with a powerful presence as you meet, greet, and interact with people in a professional and confidence-inspiring manner, and it is a prerequisite to the next three titles.

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Success Strategies for Networking In-Person and Online

identifies a wide range of mingling and networking options. It addresses your in-person interactions and presents strategies for success. It also emphasizes the importance of building your online presence with care and protecting your reputation. This book is a preparation tool for ensuring successful interactions at receptions and networking events. (A tutorial networking opportunity with industry leaders is utilized when applicable.)

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Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships

takes you step by step through the details of a successful business meal. It addresses orchestrating and managing logistics, showcasing manners, and handling mishaps. The book also provides tips on everything from arranging a meal meeting and strategic seating arrangements to wine pairings, the ritual of toasting, and global dining. Use this book as a preparation tool for ensuring a successful business meal meeting, whether casual or formal. (A tutorial meal, where you can practice the knowledge gained with industry guests, is utilized when applicable.)
“I am honored to note that my book, “Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships” was the last book that Letitia endorsed. Letitia was my mentor and inspiration! Thank you, Tish!” ꟷGloria Petersen

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Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining

addresses the basics of organizing business events—everything from cultural events and sporting activities to conferences and trade shows. You will learn what you need to know about “staging, hosting, and participating” at these events. It provides a step-by-step guide from the initial planning stages to the last and most important step afterward, the debriefing. The strategies and tips shared will put you at ease whether you are the host or guest, a participant or a spectator.

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