Day 6: Career Development

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Customized Programs
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Debrief and Practice

Upon completion of the training week, each trainee is asked to select a tond present it to the clpic and present it to the utilizing their script and selected activity. This allows practice time with the materials and an opportunity to practice their presentation skills.


Trainee demo2How to Design and Set-Up Customized Classes

Trainees are encouraged to design their own training program providing they do not infringe on the Protocol copyright. Suggestions range from children and student programs to career initiatives. This can be accomplished in twelve steps, which are outlined in class. Classmates offer critique and guidance.


Career Development Business Builders


You are a SME Facilitator! Now what?

There is no secret formula to achieving success. It is up to you! It takes knowledge, creativity, and determination. To get you started, this session will cover the following:

  • Goal Setting and Record Keeping
  • How to Set Up and Use an Advisory Board, Forum, and Focus Group
  • Tips on Accessing Corporate Accounts
  • Tips on Securing Media Attention
  • Tips on Developing Your E-mail Database, Social Media, and Website



6b GPA31.Nov2016Certification of Attainment

Upon completion of the training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment embossed with the State of Arizona Seal, and a license to use the Global Protocol materials.

Note: The terms “certification” and “license” can be considered synonymous with each other. The main difference lies in the permissions and copyrights.

 This is a licensed program with Certificate of Attainment.


2019 SME

Licensed Coursework Schedule

Sunday Reception and Overview | Monday to Friday Full-Day Training
Phoenix, Arizona

〈  〉 April 28th to May 3rd
〈  〉 October 20th to  October 25th

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