Day 1: Coursework Briefing

PreEtiPro1SME Training Materials
Train to Attain Expert Status as a
Professional Presence, Business Etiquette, and
Protocol Facilitator





teaW e l c o m e 
Afternoon “Power” Tea

Trainees have an opportunity to socialize prior to training. This session opens with an introduction of trainees and sharing of background and training goals over coffee or tea, finger sandwiches, petite pastries, and/or sweets. (Then proceeds to the coursework.)


0 Binder front


The learning begins with a review of Study Guide I and Study Guide II and continues with an overview of the training materials.  Binder contains:

  1. Facilitator Preparation Guidebook
  2. Coursework Manual
  3. Career Development & Business Builders


Facilitator Preparation Guidebook

You will be shown how to use the Facilitator’s Guidebook to create an effective classroom environment that takes you from a corporate training room or university classroom to staging an open enrollment opportunity. Plus, it can be modified to meet a “flip the classroom” model. It’s broken down into three categories and concludes with sample timelines or lesson plan.

Part I: How to Use Your Facilitator Prep Guide
Part II:
 Preparing for the Participant
Part III:
 Preparing for the Presentation Delivery

Coursework Manual
The Coursework Manual offers a comprehensive overview of Professional Presence, Business Etiquette, and International Protocol.
  This session also introduces a situation/solution strategy when handling circumstances that could easily get out of hand. This is accomplished by engaging the appropriate interaction tool … how a situation is handled, not the situation itself, is the key to a successful result.

Part I: Professional Presence and Perception Management

  • The Secrets of Attraction and Bonding Relationships
  • The Three Elements of Perception
  • How to Connect with Charisma

Training1Part II: Business Etiquette and Protocol

  • Historical Briefing: Past, Present, Future
  • Tradition versus Modern Etiquette
  • Meeting Protocol (for Teams and Clients)
  • Telecommunications and Hi-Tech Protocol
  • Civility and Diplomacy in the Workplace
  • Ethics, Etiquette, and Integrity

Part III: Corporate and International Protocol

  • Perception and Misconceptions
  • Cultural Nuances and Non-Verbal Signals
  • Preparing for International Visitors | Cultural Note Binder
  • Order or Precedence, Titles, and Forms of Address


At the close of each session participants are given their next day’s materials
Binder 1 of 2:   Script and Flash Drive
Binder 2 of 2:   Support Materials


0 Binder BackKnow the Basics! Then Personalize!

Develop your Likeability Factor by being prepared and being adaptable in a global business community. As you encounter different kinds of situations and adjust to different roles, you need a set of guidelines to fall back on. Your ultimate success will hinge on your ability to use and share your knowledge confidently. Learn it first; then share your knowledge.




Your coursework manual serves as the
foundation to the subsequent modules.

2019 SME

Licensed Coursework Schedule

Sunday Reception and Overview | Monday to Friday Full-Day Training
Phoenix, Arizona

〈  〉 February 17th to February 22nd
〈  〉 April 28th to May 3rd
〈  〉 October 20th to  October 25th

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