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Train to Attain Expert Status as a Professional Presence,
Business Etiquette and Protocol Facilitator

2024 Annual Training Date:
April 21st to 27th | Phoenix

Optional: Arrive a day early for a Power Tea & Briefing
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I get reprint permission?

    Your license includes reprint permission of the class workbook, Visual Aids, and addendums.

    Can I train others?

    The license is exclusively for your use only. You can provide workshops or classroom instruction; however, you cannot conduct a train-the-trainer course using the Global Protocol Academy copy written materials.

    I have already had similar training. May I just buy the materials?

    Yes, however, the Certification of Attainment is only given to those who train under our direction (via conference calls and virtual meetings) to be sure the materials are understood and used correctly. A signed license agreement is required to begin the training and receive the certification.

    Can we video tape the classroom instruction?

    Video taping is only granted during approved segments of the training.

    Can we buy your visual aids?

    Our visuals aids are part of our SME training modules. They are not available for sale separate from the training materials.

    Where should I start to become a professional presence, etiquette, and protocol consultant?

    You have already started with your inquiry and questions. A lot of people will read books and become a self-proclaimed expert. Our formal training gives you things that just reading books cannot. It gives you the benefit of years of our research and experience with C-suite executives.

    How Should I start?

    Research all of the certification/license training that is available in the marketplace. It is important to select one with a track record (years of experience), endorsements and has a curriculum that specifically meets your needs. All training institutions are different in their approach and completeness of materials presented.  Ensure that the curriculum offered meets “your” needs. Some are accredited, some are licensed, and others offer a certificate of attendance. (Ours is licensed with a Certification of Attainment.)

    What should I look for in a course?

    Look for a course that is comprehensive and flexible. It should give you the knowledge you need to achieve your goals. It should allow you to customize your delivery, and it should give you confidence. You cannot build confidence in others until you master the material for yourself.

    Is the training available on-line?

    Portions of the training will soon be available online as part of our curriculum delivery. However, online training does not give you the personalized touch and people skills you need to become a good facilitator. It is important to “experience” the training. Realizing there are individuals that have already invested money in their training and just want to “fill in the blanks” by updating their modules, we offer a self-study version (for experienced industry experts). Of course, we recommend our Global Protocol Academy coursework.

    What books should I read to get more knowledge?

    Our four-book series “The Art of Professional Connections” is available on our website and at your favorite online books store in soft cover and is available in electronic format at The coursework is based on, but not limited to, this book series. (Furthermore, this book series was written with the assistance of corporate executives and industry specialists).

    How is the training organized?

    The training is broken down into five categories. Each category sets the stage for the next topic in order to attain continuity in the curriculum. Our learning sequence left “no stone unturned”. “There is nothing on the market today like this style of curriculum, and that is why it was created and has been successful.