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Gloria Petersen

Founder and Executive Director

Leads the Training

Sharing a wealth of knowledge. After over 30 years of presenting her wide range of image, etiquette, and protocol topics, Gloria is passing her KNOWLEDGE BATON on to YOU through her SME (subject matter expert) training.

Global Protocol Academy’s history began in 1985 under a different name as an image consulting company. Training at the Protocol School of Washington in 1991, 1992, and 1994 added the additional elements of business etiquette and international protocol. The company has since evolved to where it is today through a series of successes and setbacks that define its core values. The company’s client list spans over three decades and includes companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Toyota and Caterpillar) to numerous universities and associations. Our subject matter expert trainees are worldwide.

The training is based on ongoing seminar and training work with clients, continuous research, and personal experience. Gloria is accompanied by a team of experts, representing a wide range of industries, selected for their talents, abilities, and experience to be sure that the content remains current, timely, and relevant!

“My team and I take great pride in the uniqueness of our training format and modules. It is my personal goal to train our licensees to be better than myself, and to help everyone make a positive difference in our global society. Plus, it is personally inspiring to watch everyone succeed. We are a team.”
—Gloria Petersen

Photo of Gloria with books

Gloria’s inspiration to write her books and create training modules came while she was in the hospital with cancer in 2010 and barely survived. That was the third time she survived the unexpected. It was time to document her legacy. With her laptop on her hospital bed lap, she started building the chapter layout for her first book to keep her mind off the cancer. Today, her cancer continues to be in remission.

In 2013 Gloria finished “The Art of Professional Connections”, a four-book series written with timeless content to help the reader build a solid career foundation and framework to advance. She then hired an instructional designer to help create the playlist module concept to accompany the books. Gloria and her team of experts keep her books and the training modules updated with blogs, videos, and retreats that reflect new trends and needs.

On a



“I have had my share of tragedy, mishaps, and awkward moments. However, I always reflected on these experiences to figure out what went wrong and what I could do to improve or do differently. Experience delivers wisdom! This is the wisdom that I am passing on to you in my books and training modules.”
—Gloria Petersen

You can learn more about Gloria’s career journey and how she overcame immense obstacles to keep her business thriving along with the inspiration to write a four-book professional development book series and training modules on her companion websites.

Speaker, Author, Trainer

Speaker Highlights:

  • How to Project a Powerful Presence/Image
  • How to Acquire Impressive Interaction Skills
  • How to Discover Your “Inner Grit”

Plus, Engage in Inspirational Blogs

Professional Development Book Series

The Art of Professional Connections:

  • Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings & Confident Interactions
  • Success Strategies for Networking In Person and Online
  • Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships
  • Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining