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Are you looking for new ways to help students and alumni succeed?

If yes, you are in the right place! Join us as we teach you how to aid students and alumni in learning the critical interpersonal skills needed to interact with people in a professional and confidence-inspiring manner. Become a powerful influencer and help your student body succeed after college.

Are you responsible for developing a culture of high performers?

Our training will equip you be the driver of employee success with sophisticated strategies and winning formulas. Your employees can apply these strategizes to a variety of situations to become more comfortable and effective in their pursuits, both inside and outside of the organization.

Are you drawn to people who flawlessly engage and inspire others, bringing more professionalism, collaboration, and results?

If yes, you can possess more of these skills, and then teach others! You can have a greater, more transformational impact!

It all starts here! Help your colleagues, students, or team members gain a competitive edge. We provide you with the skills to teach and empower others on how to handle real-life situations with finesse! Teach them how to exude confidence and handle cultural distinctions with grace so they can thrive in today’s globalized professional environment.

The training teaches you the formulas and personal strategies that make it all work. Apply these formulas to a variety of situations (interviews, meeting over meals, networking events, global conferences, etc.) to become more comfortable and effective in everything you do. Then share your knowledge by teaching these skills to others.




Our Image and Interpersonal Skills training
improves relationship building, classroom instruction,
and team interactions in every industry. 



Then Personalize the Training to
Your Delivery Style and Adapt to YOUR Industry!

Join the “Influencers” by Developing Your Likeability. How?

By being authentic and relatable! Be you! Your ultimate success will hinge on your ability to use and share your knowledge in a helpful and confident way. Then self-customized by using language that coincides with your industry.

We will help you customize your training to your industry and your personality. Start by identifying your training category or how you will use your training.

Who Should Train and Why

Human Resource Corporate Trainers

As a corporate trainer, these modules will serve as an excellent supplement to your best practices and orientation training curriculum. A leadership must!

Our modules are customized to meet your company’s needs as you prepare your employees to better represent your company and its brand. Essential for corporate trainers because the training will help you build a stronger professional foundation.

University Career Centers Educators
As an educator, you will give your students the image and people skill qualities that corporations need in their new hires.

This training is indispensable for career centers (and classrooms) focused on helping graduates transition life to a corporate opportunity; then becoming an asset for the company that hires them. The modules are easy to adapt to your coursework syllabus.

Executive Coach and Career Advisors

As an executive coach, career consultant or image consultant, you will add another dimension to your offerings to help your clients achieve their business goals.

If your clients are asking for assistance with their image and interpersonal communication skills in areas that you typically do not cover as a coach or consultant, our coursework is a perfect fit. We have done all the work for you. Just insert the training where it fits best. Most importantly, you will be able to help others adapt to a diverse workplace and advance in their careers.

What You
Will Learn

You will learn all aspects of professionalism. These interpersonal skills encompass professional etiquette, protocol, and image development. All are key traits that must be utilized for successful domestic and global interactions in corporate, education, civic and government arenas. Plus, you will learn how to adapt all topics to coincide with your training objectives.

You will engage in successful business relationships by projecting a powerful image as you forge a memorable interaction.

You will develop your people base at cocktail receptions and networking events by knowing how to confidently enter a room, mingle, and engage in a conversation with proper card exchange.
You will discover how to seal the deal at a meal from coffee cafes and casual food courts to complicated place settings at formal meals followed by the ritual of toasting.
You will solidify relationships with well-planned events ranging from cultural experiences and sporting activities to conferences and trade shows.


Our training takes a
what you should know and
why you should know it” approach



What does “think globally” mean and why is it important?

It’s important to be open-minded and adaptable to other cultures who have different values and behavior expectations. Our training will help you develop (or broaden) your global mindset.


It is our Mission to address current needs, set standards for new and emerging issues, and serve as a resource to individuals, corporations, educators, and the media. As a trainee, you will be a part of this process.