We depend so much on technology to communicate. But are we depending on it too much for transmitting messages? Communicating is all about speed; the faster we can transmit or receive a message, the faster we want to. But there are hiccups. There is the spam box, for example. Sometimes good messages land in the wrong file, and we don’t know about it until someone texts again or calls. So we have to watch every possible mailbox option. If you belong to multiple organizations that have chat groups, like many of us do, the sheer amount of email can be overwhelming. Losing messages becomes hugely disruptive, even mindboggling. Here’s another example: When you open an email in your smartphone, it may no longer appear in boldface as a new email on your computer, so you don’t notice it. This means that you have to create a sequence and check every email. You are invited to share with us your tips for finding a better path to controlling message exchanges.  -Gloria Petersen

How do you alleviate the traffic jam?