Who Should Train and Why?


Corporate Trainers


 Are you attracted to people who possess a sense of ease,  flawlessly engage others and
inspires you to be your professional best?


Learn how to be that person.
Then teach others.

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  • Acquire the interpersonal skills and professional presence needed to meet, greet and interact with people in a professional and confidence-inspiring manner.
  • Utilize your personal interaction skills effectively, whether socializing at a networking activity or in a wide variety of business meal meetings and social events.
  • Banish feelings of awkwardness when entertaining current or potential business partners.

The training will teach you the formulas and personal strategies that make it all work. Then apply these personal formulas to a variety of situations (interviews, meeting over meals, networking events etc.), to become more comfortable and effective in everything you do.

Whether you are training to be an expert or seeking an in-depth understanding of professional presence, business etiquette and protocol for personal enhancement, our training will help you unravel a wide range of awkward business interactions for yourself, your team, and/or your clients.

We start by supporting and establishing standards and rules that help guide individuals through a maze of confusion and discontent. Then we apply these standards to four main categories of training:

  1. Professional Presence and Communication Skills that take you from the introduction and conversation to follow-up.
  2. Mingling and Networking Like a Pro and as a Career Management Tool
  3. Dining Etiquette and Strategies for Meeting over Meals
  4. Protocols for Planning Small to Large Events

Our training takes a
what you should know and
why you should know it”

What You Will Learn:

training5 - CopyYou will learn all aspects of professionalism. These encompass etiquette, protocol and image development. All are key traits that must be utilized for successful interactions in corporate, education, civic and government arenas. This course will prepare you to present seminars, briefings and private consulting. You will learn how to adapt all topics to coincide with your training objectives.

This program is ideal for corporate trainers, university professors and individuals who desire to enter this industry as a new career. The curriculum is a perfect supplement to corporate orientation modules (e.g., Best of the Best Procedures Manuals), and university curriculums. Upon completion, you will be part of a growing new industry. Most important, you will be able to help others adapt to a diverse workplace and advance in their careers.



Which category are you?


___ Category #1: Corporate Trainers and Human Resource Professionals

Essential for corporate trainers because the training will help you build a stronger professional foundation. As a corporate trainer, these modules serve as an excellent supplement to your best practices and orientation training curriculum. A leadership must! Most often, orientation programs focus primarily on policies, procedures and their theoretical benefits. In reality, social skills are an important part of the equation. Technology training is too often favored at the expense of social skills. Social skills and people skills are synonymous. Our SME training modules are adaptable to meet fit your company’s needs and prepare your employees to better represent your company and its brand.

___ Category #2: University and College Professionals

Indispensable for career centers (and classrooms) focused on helping graduates transition from an academic life to a corporate opportunity with class and finesse. As an educator, you will give your students the people skill assets that corporations need in their new hires. The modules are easy to adapt to your coursework syllabus. Many students are concerned that they will be ill prepared to meet the professional expectations of corporate America or that they will unknowingly cross corporate behavior boundaries or display inappropriate or embarrassing behavior. Social media and texting are compromising in-person communication skills. Our education curriculums are designed to help address these training voids and better prepare your students for the interview process and workplace. Your key instructors will be trained and certified to present the Global Protocol® materials in the classroom or career center.

This training is adaptable to your university program or can be developed as a
one-semester, transferable elective course. Students want to take the coursework; and
they also want transferable credits. (A sample semester curriculum is available to licensees.)

___ Category #3: Independent Consultants and Coaches

Are you an executive coach, career consultant or an image consultant needing to add another dimension to your offerings to help your clients achieve their domestic and/or international goals? Are you interested in adding etiquette and protocol to your expertise but do not want to do all the development work? Are your clients asking for assistance with their image and communication skill areas that you typically do not cover as a coach or consultant? Have you trained with another company but still feel you have some voids or are not getting the support you need? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, our coursework is a perfect fit.

As quoted by Jim Collins in his /book, Good to Great, it is important to get the
“right people on the bus.”
Authors such as Jim Collins, Harvey McKay
(Pushing the Envelope), and Daniel Goleman (Social Intelligence) agree that the right
people are the ones who excel in people-related social skills.

Join us and Help Get the Right People on the Bus by
Becoming your company or institution’s

“Go to” resource for
Professional image, etiquette, and protocol knowledge.

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