Instructional Design


Edu&Train How the Learning is

Instruction is a plan of teaching activities in which learning is organized.
We have organized the materials with flexibility in mind.



Our instructional design formula outlines the module components and demonstrates how they interact with each. The “experiential and reinforced learning” format includes:

  • pre-coursework study guides
  • script and supplemental handbooks
  • participant workbook
  • coursework textbooks
  • activity aids and visual learning tools
  • business builders
  • tutorials* and guest speakers (when pertinent to the learning)

*As part of the experiential learning, there will be special food arrangements for a mock reception (Module 2) and a tutorial meal (Module 3).

  • A mock reception involves bringing outside people into the activity arena.
  • A tutorial meal encompasses working with catering staff members on food selection, creating a time-line and overall logistics.

All the work is done for you in this step-by-step process! Plus, the training is adaptable to a “flipping the classroom” model. Your training and investment encompass the following:

  1. PreEtiProCoursework Textbooks
  2. Facilitator Guidebook
  3. Facilitator Playbook (script)
  4. Facilitator Activities and Visual Aids
  5. Facilitator and Participant Workbook
  6. Pre-coursework Study Guide I and Study Guide II
  7. Mock Reception Tutorial (Module 2) and Lunch Tutorial (Module 3)
  8. Continental Breakfast and Afternoon Snack
  9. License to deliver the materials with specified reprint permissions
  10. Advice Line (phone, SKYPE and email collaboration)
  11. Ongoing Learning (retreats) and new scripts (referred to as addendums)
  12. Guest Speakers (Industry Specialists)
  13. Certificate of Attainment (based on-site or self-study formats)

Following the completion of your coursework, we recommend that you select a topic (within the module contents) with which you feel the most connected. Next, conduct a practice session with a small group of people who will offer you constructive feedback on your presentation, content, style and delivery before presenting your first program. To avoid being overwhelmed, it is important to start with just one topic. Then allow yourself to evolve into the other topics as your comfort level increases. The training can also be a tool to enhance your personal leadership skills and corporate value.

If you are interested in serving as a seminar leader and uncomfortable in any way with your presentation skills, we recommend that you sign up for a course in public speaking at your local college, attend meetings sponsored by the National Speakers Association local chapter in your area, join a Toastmasters group or register for a Dale Carnegie course. If you plan on following a ‘coaching’ approach, you may want to consider membership in a coaching association or federation.

What You Will Receive (Sample of Module 1)



The modules are made up of the following components:

Clear plastic binder with custom overlay and two snap side closures. (Organizes and protects your learning materials.)

  • Binder #1 of 2: Three ring binder that houses the module script and a flash drive in the pocket insert.
  • Binder #2 of 2: No-ring binder that houses the course handbooks: facilitator guide, interactive activity and visual aid supplement, participant workbook and class textbook).


Binder 1 of 2:

Facilitator Script

All the work is done for you in this step-by-step process! The facilitator script is located in the three-ring clear binder and has three columns:

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAColumn #1: Learning icons that identify actions (e.g., lecture, Q&A, activity).
Column #2: Script text to guide the facilitator in the flow of the presentation.
Column #3: Slide show illustrations when needed to highlight points or offer visual examples and to help keep you on track.

FlashDriveSlide Show flash drive (or DVD option)

Contains two versions of the slide show. (This allows the facilitator to control the timing.) Version #1: Slide show with discussion and activity prompts Version #2: Slide show without discussion and activity prompts.


Binder 2 of 2:

Facilitator Guide

Facilitator1aInvaluable and multipurpose!

Although specifically designed for the Global Protocol Academy, this guide can be used to develop a wide range of (other) classroom training modules.

Part I:  Preparing for the Role as Facilitator
How to use your facilitator/instructor preparation guide, introduction to the team of experts, process overview, building a solid foundation, your role as a facilitator, overall module package, etc.

Part II: Preparing for the Participants
Includes open enrollment and room setup checklist, as well as, strategies for preparing and engaging participants/students. Also, tips on image, classroom dynamics, learning strategies and how to conclude the training, etc.

Part III:  Preparing for the Presentation Delivery
How to use the script, topics and subtopics, matrix, sample time line, guide to the training icons, plus other important elements.


Activities2Facilitator Activities and Visuals

The activities are designed to inspire confidence and to help the facilitator engage the student/participant; thereby, moving the knowledge from short term memory to long term memory. This guide allows the facilitator/trainer to become familiar with and practice the facilitator script activities and discussions before working with the script, and to encourage the facilitator to add their own “spin” to the training. They are numbered in conjunction with the facilitator script.

Section I: Contains descriptions of every interactive component and discussion point posted in the facilitator script along with PowerPoint“optional ideas” to better meet the need of the facilitator and participant.

Section II: A copy of each slide to allow the facilitator to make personal notes in the use of each slide and to personalize with their industry terminology.


Participant Textbook and Workbook

Workbook1The class textbook is a published works. Your class materials include the soft cover and eBook versions.

The class workbook provides lecture note taking, question/answer discussions and references the class textbook pages for additional information on a topic when desired.


The complete four-part series
Module Text book | Binder 1 of 2 | Binder 2 of 2


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