SME Syllabus

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Train to Attain Expert Status as a

Professional Presence,
Business Etiquette and
Protocol Facilitator

 Next Training Date:
2018 to be posted soon


This training can be easily adapted to customer service, relationship building and other training topics where social skills and procedure are paramount. Furthermore, it will give you the foundation and framework to help better prepare individuals for leadership roles and for their individual careers.

Your personality, experiences and
expertise will provide the balance.

Each module session begins with a historical walk through the figures and movements that have developed various business cultures as they relate to . . .

  • gender differences
  • cultural influences
  • age-related expectations

Etiquette - xsmall. . .  and are referenced at various intervals throughout the training.

Your syllabus: (This is a licensed product.)

  • Overview of Module Components
  • How to Deliver the Activities and Manage the Discussions
  • Learning the Content and Utilizing the Script
  • Instructions on Creating a Timeline and Customizing Segments of the Training
  • Historical Overview of Business Dress, Etiquette and Protocol
  • Final Summary and Review of Training Components
  • Trainee Delivery of Assignment for Practice and Critique
  • Presentation Skill Tips and On-going Learning Resources
  • Final Summary and Review of Training Components
  • Certificates of Attainment*

The SME training module coursework is available through our training facility or can be conducted exclusively at your training facility (classroom) on a date that is convenient for your trainers/professors.

The training begins with your Professional Presence, Business Etiquette, and Protocol Manual, then proceeds with the following module categories: (Visit the following pages for specifics.):

Module Œ1  covers Projecting an Authoritative Image and Engaging in Dynamic Interactions
Module 2  covers Mingling and Networking Strategies
Module Ž3  covers Dining Decorum and Orchestrating Casual to Formal Meetings over Meals
Module 4   covers Small to Large Event Planning and Entertaining.

The training’s easy to use format is also available without formal onsite training (e.g.., self-train). A comprehensive class itinerary is available with registration.


*Certification of Attainment.  Your training will utilize SME (Subject Matter Expert) training module format. Each training category is packaged separately to make it easy to select the right module for your company or personal needs. Upon completion of the initial training, you will be given a Certificate of Attainment specific to the module(s) or comprehensive coursework.


calendar2 2018 Subject Matter Expert
Licensed Coursework Schedule
  (Phoenix, AZ)

Day 1: Welcome Reception and Coursework Overview
Day 2 to 6: Full Day Training

Customized On-Site Training: On Request (corporate training facility or education institution career center)

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