Day4: M3 Meet Over Meals

SME Training Module 3
Dining Strategies for
Building and Sustaining Business Relationships


M3 Front

Meal meetings, whether fast food or upscale restaurants, can seem more complicated than traditional business meetings.

Step-by-step guidance through the details of orchestrating and managing the logistics of a business meal meeting will be presented. From table settings and strategic seating arrangements, to wine pairings, the ritual of toasting, to global dining; you will have the knowledge to create the right dining experience for your meeting’s success.



Nine Secrets for Casually Sipping and Formally Dining with Business Partners

  1. Understand the guidelines, rules and expectations around business meals. Gain the competitive edge in establishing successful partnerships. Recognize that proper dining etiquette always puts others at ease.
  2. M3 Photo StripFamiliarize yourself with all the components of table settings. Identify how to master different dining styles. Minimize unnecessary disruptions in service.
  3. Gain an overview of dining courtesies. Learn to be confident during those “what to do” moments. Successfully handle those embarrassing mishaps that are bound to happen.
  4. Become familiar with a restaurant’s “behind the scenes” protocols (take a walk in the server’s shoes) along with tipping guidelines.
  5. Demonstrate your familiarity with handling reservations and cancellations, selecting dining venues and communicating your purpose.
  6. Build relationships from the moment of arrival. Know the unwritten rules around business decisions. Master the secrets of power dining.
  7. Brief yourself on navigating fast-food options and informal buffets. Avoid the pitfalls of “grab and go” multi-tasking meals. Maintain personal responsibility at special occasions.
  8. Be responsible with alcoholic drinks. Raise your comfort level with food and wine/beverage pairings. Recognize the ceremonial value of toasting at a business meal.
  9. Increase your sensitivity and awareness of cultural differences in dining before you entertain international clients.

Trainees learn to present a dining etiquette tutorial.


Trainees practice table conversation with dining guests during their tutorial.

An experiential learning demonstration on how to conduct a tutorial meal will serve as the highlight of this training. Area business leaders are invited to participate as our guests.

This will require some staging and coordinating courses with the wait staff. However, you will discover that you learn best by doing. Timing is critical to the success of a dining etiquette tutorial.






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