Train to Attain Expert Status as a
Professional Presence,
Business Etiquette and Protocol Facilitator

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2018 training to be announced soon

 Join a growing industry of
professional presence, business etiquette and protocol experts by
becoming a subject matter expert.

How Do You Achieve “Expert Status?”
According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary,
an expert is a person who has special skill or
knowledge in a particular field; trained by practice.


As a “trainee” you will learn to “facilitate” the delivery of the learning materials. Our subject matter expert (SME) approach to training allows you to become the expert. The training creates the foundation and framework to develop your knowledge  base. The more you study and work with the material, the more expert you become.


According to business media (including the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times), companies are reinvesting in the soft skills of their managers and leaders.




Whether preparing new graduates or updating your best practices training, our curriculum takes the soft skills of your staff to a higher professional level:

  • They will present an authoritative image
  • They acquire exceptional communication abilities
  • They exemplify excellent leadership skills

Our  format helps your trainers teach their staff how to develop a strong professional presence.

The modules can easily be incorporated into
existing training or classroom teaching.

The comprehensive Global Protocol® Academy curriculum is based on over 30 years of experience, training, research and insight. Our clients, team of experts and advisory board, from a gamut of corporate, financial and educational institutions, as well as start-up entrepreneurs, further add support to our training modules by addressing new issues in our websites and blogs.

You have a choice!

who have attended our previous certification program oftentimes expressed a “preferred” desire to train in one topic (e.g., dining etiquette). We listened and reworked the coursework!

You select your subject matter:
You can now attend the full curriculum or arrange for a private session in one area of expertise.

You select your preferred learning format:
 Train at our Phoenix facility (see dates below)
 Train at your facility (on-site at your convenience)
 Train on your own (self-study version)

Contact us for our enrollment packet.



Course Benefits

You will be able to help others adapt to a diverse workplace and advance in their careers. You will learn how to

  • stage and present professional seminars and coursework
  • market training programs
  • continually expand your expertise
  • improve your people skills
  • have access to ongoing training and support.

Retreats and webinars will keep material current. Our Advice Line™ is a part of our “open door policy” helping you handle challenging situations as they occur or just brainstorm new ideas.

Mission Statement

It is our mission at Global Protocol® to address needs, set standards for new and emerging issues and serve as a resource to society. As a trainee, you will be part of this process.


2018 Subject Matter Expert
Licensed Coursework Schedule  (Phoenix, AZ)

Day 1: Welcome Reception and Coursework Overview
Day 2 to 6: Full Day Training


Customized On-Site Training: 
On Request (corporate training facility or education institution career center)

Raise the Bar 
Integrate SME Training Modules into Your Coursework.
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